Battle tested Tania Davis ready to shine on big stage

Published: Mar. 29, 2019 at 5:05 PM CDT
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Injuries are a common thing in sports but they have haunted Iowa point guard Tania Davis the last two seasons. Her sophomore year ended after tearing the ACL in her right knee and her junior year ended the same way with an ACL tear in the left knee.

"Just feeling helpless, that's probably the worst feeling I've ever felt." said Davis. "Just being on the bench, especially during the Creighton game, not being able to provide on-court knowledge, not being able to provide assists, points, or whatever my teammates needed at that moment."

"She's been a fighter and a warrior these last couple of years battling those injuries. I honestly don't know who else could do that and have such a positive attitude and she's done exactly that." Senior Megan Gustafson said. "To see her come back stronger than ever and lead this team has been very special to be apart of."

Davis has provided a significant boost for the Hawkeyes, averaging 10 points per game and nearly five rebounds per game. She credits her toughness from her upbringing in Flint, Michigan.

"Flint is a little bit of a tougher environment, tougher situations. To be able to grow up in Flint and to play basketball, it tests you a lot." said Davis.

Davis has had the full support from her teammates including Alexis Sevillian, who was a high school teammate of Davis' in Flint.

"Just to see the positive attitude that she has kept this entire journey is amazing. Most people I don't think get back to where they had been after injuries, especially ACL, but she's back and probably better than ever." Sevillian said.

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