Avilas plant themselves in Iowa wrestling history, become first brother-sister pair to win state title

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LISBON, Iowa. (KCRG) - There may not be a state with as much wrestling history than the state of Iowa. Last February, the Avila name was added to the record books as freshman Robert Avila won the 1A-126 pound state title on a 3-1 decision

Fast forward to January 25th at the second annual state girls tournament. Robert, now a sophomore, is in street clothes warming up a different freshman from Lisbon for her state title match, his sister Jannell.

Not only was he giving advice in her corner, they've been training together at home for months.

"Lot of screwing around at home, a lot of not necessarily practice time but I mean it could be considered practice time just at home rolling around, the kitchen floor and living room and stuff." Robert said.

"The kitchen, the living room, downstairs, our garage has mats but they don't use them as much as they do the living room floor." said Yvonne Avila, Robert & Jannell's mother. "Its all day everyday and we love it and we wouldn't have it any other way."

All that practice paid off. With Robert in her corner, family right next to him and the Lisbon boys team watching the tournament on a stream from their dual, Jannell put on a show.

In the third period, Avila was on bottom, but pulled out a move to execute a reversal for two points. Those two points were all she needed to run out the clock and win a state title for herself.

"It's exciting, to be the first at my school to be a girls champ, its awesome." Avila said afterwards.

Not only was the title the culmination of years of hard work for Jannell, but it entrenched the Avila name even deeper into the Iowa wrestling history books. With the title, the Avilas became the first brother-sister combination to ever win wrestling state championships in the state's history.

"I'm super super proud of her, {I} don;t mean to get emotional but its pretty special for me to be here and see everything she's put in and I mean she's only wrestled since like seventh grade, sixth grade." Robert said.

"To see her come this far and she's only getting started still, its just, its amazing."

The bond that Robert and Jannell share is unique and that will forever be remembered in Iowa wrestling lore. They are far from done.

"Now she's got to get ready for number two next year and yeah I have to gotta get ready for number two this year too." Robert said.

"I just think that the most important thing is just staying humble, and just letting them know that their gifts and their talents come from the lord and as long as they put him first in all the things they do." their mother Yvonne said. "He's going to continue to bless them and I think that as long as were humble, things will be good for them in everything they do in life."