40 year old Cedar Rapids woman has done it all when it comes to fitness

Published: Jun. 25, 2019 at 6:11 PM CDT
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40 year old Katie Mario of Cedar Rapids started running marathons but then felt the need for a new challenge, so she worked herself way up to an Ironman triathlon.

" might as well do the Ironman right?" Morio said. "That was quite an experience, so after that I think I'm good for that for a while."

Morio then moved on to cross-fit but still needed a new challenge and started hitting the weights.

"I did a couple of power-lifting meets. I did I think three strongman competitions and then I've always wanted to do the bodybuilding but I never thought I could get on a stage and do that." Morio said,

Morio took a leap of faith and gave bodybuilding a try and found out it's a real challenge.

"I come in on Saturday mornings just wearing high heels and walking and doing different poses." Morio said. "I come in five days a week and each day I work a different body part. I have three upper-body days into lower-body days. My diet that I follow is specific to what I train for the day."

Somehow Morio juggles all this training despite having a full time job as a pharmacist and raising three children as a single mom.

"I get up early. Like yesterday I had to get my son to football at six am so I came in at four. It is just my time and I make sure I get my time in every day. It is the thing that makes me happy." Morio said.

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