300s are becoming second nature for Xavier's Dale Weaver

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa. (KCRG) - "My first 300 game, it was completely nerve-racking." said Xavier bowler Dale Weaver.

Weaver rolled his first 300 game in competition this season against Kennedy at May City Bowling on December 5th.

"You know that first one is always nerve-racking. After that, it just becomes second nature." Weaver said.

Weaver then added his second 300 game against Waterloo East on January 11th at May City, tying the state record.

"{I was} Just staying calm, making sure my heart rate is not up too high. Keep my breathing down and then just letting the ball go." Weaver said.

Weaver then broke the state record last Friday night, bowling his third perfect game of the season against Prairie High School. Weaver is now one perfect game short of tying the national record.

"I was actually pretty calm through all 10 shots. {The}11th shot I was a little nervous for and the 12 shot I wasn't that nervous." Weaver said. "As soon as I threw it and saw all 10 go down I was pretty relieved, it was one goal I had to beat the state record."

What is the secret to Dale's success? His size and strength is a big part of it. At 6'2, 290 pounds Dale throws a fast ball clocked at 20 miles per hour.

"It makes all the pins go crazy." Weaver said. "They just start flying off the sidewalls."

Weaver has been bowling nearly his entire life and comes from a bowling family.

"I was six or eight years old. My dad has bowled out here for many years. It is something that runs in my family."

Weaver won an individual state high school title last year rolling a 296 in his final game is not done yet. He has set some big goals for the rest of the season.

"My main goal right now is to win a state title as a team. It would be really cool to win back to back as individuals but at the same time I also want my teammates to win." Weaver said.