12 year-old Wellman wheelchair basketball player makes halfcourt buzzer-beater

WELLMAN, Iowa. (KCRG) - If you have ever tried wheelchair basketball. you might know how hard it is to keep your balance and shoot. That's not the case for Jayden Stafford of Wellman.

"We were told when he was born in the worst case scenario. He has far exceeded everything that we were told he would do." said Jayden's mother Shelli Stafford.

Jayden was born with spina bifida, but that doesn't stop him from playing the game he loves.

"I don't let that get in my way if I want to do something. I might do it a little different but I will still do it." Stafford said. "I spend up to like two hours. Every day I try to get in the gym. I practice 2 1/2 hours at least every day."

All that hard work pays off, Jayden hit a half court buzzer in a tournament earlier this year.

"I was going down and there was only like five seconds left so I just threw it up and I just happen to make it. That was pretty exciting." Stafford said.

"He was always trying his Stephen Curry stuff and we were always on him telling him not to do that. You're not gonna do it in a game. In typical Jayden Fashion he proved us wrong." said Jayden's father Dana Stafford.

Jayden plays for the Rolling Panthers traveling youth wheelchair basketball team and he has set big goals for the future.

"I want to go to the university of Illinois and play at the next level which is college. There is no team in Iowa and I have been to half the Illinois camp so I know how good those players are and they are very good." Stafford said.