Young Americans for Liberty hand out 'reverse pot brownies' as ploy to end war on drugs

Published: Apr. 19, 2019 at 6:57 PM CDT
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Some students at the University of Iowa were giving out what they called "reverse pot brownies."

The annual event for the group Young Americans for Liberty featured students handing out traditional brownies in a stove-top pot. Organizers said their goal is to, in their words, spark "dialogue surrounding the failures of the War on Drugs."

Members with the group handed out brownies with the hope to reduce the limitations on drugs like marijuana, while also recruiting potential new members for their group.

Students with the organization were hoping to collect 100 new members in an effort to inspire a legitimate change from lawmakers.

"If you're on a college campus and you're just yelling things at people, a lot of times they're not going to be very responsive," said Devin Lynch, the State Chair for Iowa's Young Americans for Liberty chapter. "But if you have some sort of gimmick, like a pot brownie, people will be may more responsive, we can get more people's contact info, get them more involved, and actually make change."

The Area Substance Abuse Council, which helps people prevent and recover from drug addiction, said that this push could lead to increased drug use.

In a statement to TV9, ASAC said in part: "...the perception that using drugs is okay and not illegal, could be fueling some of the drug use increase... Without the backbone of enforcing basic drug laws, a person often has little incentive to get into treatment and is more likely to continue down a destructive path."