Worth It: Sign the Pledge

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- We hear about distracted driving accidents almost every day, but driving distracted is no accident. Instead, it’s a choice people make when they get behind the wheel. It’s time to change our way of thinking.

Are you ready to help make an impact? Take the pledge now and confirm your belief that life is worth it, distracted driving is not. We’ll then send you a confirmation email with a link to a printable pledge form that you can sign and keep in your vehicle. Also, be sure to give a copy to your employer or school if needed.

Worth It is a comprehensive educational and awareness program to remind drivers that life is worth it, driving distracted is not. This collection of resources is ideal for use by business owners, insurance agents, educators or individuals— anyone interested in helping to turn the tide against distracted driving.

Use these resources to reach, engage and educate others that life is worth it, driving distracted is not.

Sign the Pledge
Research on Distracted Driving
Book a Presentation

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