Woman rides beloved horse for first time after receiving prosthetic leg attachment

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ZWINGLE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - A Zwingle woman who lost her leg got to ride her beloved horse for the first time in a year.

A group of senior's from the University of Iowa's College of Engineering created a prosthetic leg attachment for Monna Metcalf.

Monna lost the lower half of her left leg in a farming accident back in 1994. It's been painful for her to ride ever since, getting to the point where she had to have surgery last year. That knocked her out of the saddle and put her beloved horse, Rebel, in the stable.

"He's just a really good boy, but he hasn't been ridden now since last August because that's when I had to go in for the revision surgery," Metcalf said.

Monna's daughter, Aulanda, hated seeing her mother unable to do one of the things she loves most. So, she found a way to help.

"I saw this article actually at the University of Iowa doing some special projects.... really I was thinking she's got to get back in the saddle again because I got to get my mom back again I want her to be happy," Aulanda Krause said.

A team of University of Iowa engineering students put their smarts to the test. They spent the school year finding a way to help.

Their project is called 'Rebel With a Cause.'

It was slow going. Lots of trial and error, but the kids engineered a portable ladder to help Monna get in and out of the saddle. Plus, a way to her prosthetic leg in the stirrup.

"I'm so happy that it works and I really hope that she's able to go on her trip now and go with her friends and enjoy life again," UI student engineer Elizabeth Niedert said.

Together-- they're all rebelling against disability.