Woman raised nearly $5K on GoFundMe when her infant son died; police say she killed him

VIctoria Grace Jackson raised thousands of dollars on GoFundMe to pay for her son's funeral, but now police said she confessed to killing the 10-month-old with a pillow. (Source: Clearwater Police Department)
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CLEARWATER, Fla. (Gray News) - More than 100 people donated to Victoria Grace Jackson’s GoFundMe.

Jackson told Clearwater police she found her 10-month-old son Malachi unresponsive in his crib on May 24. Hospital staff did all they could, but the boy’s life could not be saved.

She used the crowdfunding page to ask for help paying for his funeral.

“I want to give my son the best memorial service I can,” the description said. “He died last Friday night. We don’t know what the cause is yet, I woke up and he wasn’t breathing and had bloody foam coming from his nose. I’ve never been so heart broken in my life. Please help me take care of my baby one last time."

According to the Tampa Bay Times, donations grew to as high as $4,393, just shy of her $5,000 goal.

Jackson now spends her days locked inside the Pinellas County Jail. Months after Malachi was laid to rest, police said they believe she was the one responsible for his death.

Investigators canvassed her home after her initial 911 call in May, but they didn’t find any evidence to prove her version of events was false.

Malachi’s case might have never been classified as first-degree murder if not for one of Jackson’s friends coming forward on Oct. 30.

The friend told police Jackson confided in them that she used a pillow to cover Malachi’s nose and mouth until he stopped breathing.

Investigators said they recorded a phone call with Jackson in which she incriminated herself. They arrested her Friday.

She confessed to the whole thing soon after, police said.

On Sunday, GoFundMe began refunding all of Jackson’s donors.

“It’s important to know that the platform is backed by the GoFundMe Guarantee, which means all donors are fully protected by a refund policy,” GoFundMe told WFTS.

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