Woman paddle boarding the entire Mississippi River

Published: Sep. 17, 2019 at 5:21 AM CDT
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LouAnne Harris is on the adventure of a lifetime. She grew up in Alaska and now lives in the Big Apple.

But if you want to find her, you must look to the Big River.

Harris started paddling at Lake Itasca, Minnesota, a little over a month ago. She is bound for the Gulf of Mexico.

TV9's John Campbell caught up with her Sunday afternoon just south of Dubuque.

This is not her first rodeo. A few years ago, she and a friend paddle boarded down the east coast from New York to Miami and the seed was sown.

So with all her gear strapped to her board LouAnne paddles on. Headwinds and dams present challenges but she is pleased with her pace.

"I think I am on track for it," she said. "Hoping to get to St. Louis by the end of the month. After St. Louis, it opens up, speeds up, nothing holding the river back, no more dams. Should be able to scooch down the rest of the way."

She aims to hit the Gulf of Mexico in early November, and according to Rivers for Change, when she does, LouAnne says she will become the first female to solo paddleboard the entire length of the big river.

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