With midterms over, caucus season is right around the corner

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - The midterms are over but that clears the way for candidates to start campaigning for the 2020 Iowa caucuses.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, California Senator Kamala Harris and Oregon's Jeff Merkley have all made political trips to Iowa in recent weeks.

Coe College Professor Bruce Nesmith said the record turnout last night suggests the Iowa caucuses will be big and emotional. He likened it to 2007 when a lot of big political names vied for the presidential nominations. He said people should expect to see likely candidates making quiet trips through the winter to test the waters with the real campaigning starting in the summer. Once the campaigning starts, Nesmith expects there will be a lot of energy on both sides.

He said the same political climate that drove record turnout for the midterms will drive a lot of candidates and emotion for the caucuses.

"Donald Trump is unique in many ways but one of his features is that he arouses strong emotional reaction either positively or negatively," said Coe College Political Professor Bruce Nesmith. "I suspect the crowds at the Democratic events will be energized."

Nesmith added that Democrats will be looking for someone who is more than just anti-Trump. They will also have to look and act Presidential.