Snowy streets impacting downtown businesses

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Cedar Rapids street crews have been out working about 14-hour shifts to remove snow. Meanwhile, a lot of people are still avoiding going out and that's impacting businesses.

"I'm tired of being trapped in my apartment this winter," said Kyle McCory. "The weather just keeps dragging on."

Many businesses, like Grin & Goose, are feeling the economical impact with less foot traffic.

"People are still getting their food, just in a different way," said Co-owner Brett Klein.

Klein said it's not unusual for business to be this slow this time of year but it's still not preferable.

"You really expect this," said Klein. "January is always going to be down. February you start to bounce back a little bit and then St. Patty's day is the big day when it kind of comes back to normal."

But with more snow on the sidewalks, there's also less likelihood of walk-ins. Klein said they're not worried because they have a backup plan.

"We kind of wait for the storm to be over but at the same time now everybody has Doordash, Bitesquad and Grubhub," said Klein.

Klein said he'd still rather see people stay in than risk the danger of traveling.

"Just be safe," said Klein. "A few people were going to come in last night but I said it's so crappy out that you should just stay home and wait until we get better weather."