Wild Hogs Saloon to offer free burgers and fries for federal workers Thursday

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WALFORD, Iowa (KCRG) - Federal employees on furlough or working without pay could miss their second paychecks since the shutdown began. There are now efforts across the country to help them out, including in eastern Iowa.

Wild Hogs Saloon and Eatery is partnering up with KHAK. The owner invites any federal employee to bring two family members with Thursday for free burgers and fries.

Restaurant owner Michelle Jordan said it was her daughter's idea to give back in a small way and give those people a small break from their daily stress.

"I know it's not a lot but it's a little something that we can provide," said Jordan.

Jordan said people in the area have always had her back to keep the doors open.

"Our community has enabled us to be here for eight years now striving," said Jordan. "They come here to support us."

That's why she's offering to help keep federal workers' bellies full Wednesday. She said raising a family herself, she knows how difficult it could be when the money is not there.

"I know there's got to be struggles with these families," said Jordan. "With heat bills right now, especially here in the Midwest."

"That's what we've come to think of, Iowa nice right? That's what we do," said Eastern Iowa Airport Director of Communications Pam Hinman. "That's what we know."

Hinman said Air Traffic Control and TSA have been receiving lots of support from outside companies and even people traveling. She said it's something that's even helped keep morale up with the dozens of employees still coming to work without pay.

"We have not had any hiccups at this point," said Hinman. "People are showing up, they're doing their jobs, people have been very friendly. They still show up with a smile on their face."

With no definite end of the shutdown in sight, eastern Iowans can at least be sure they have each others' backs.