Why have a weather radio?

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Why do I need a weather radio? Won’t my app or any radio do? The answer is simple. You need to have multiple ways to receive severe weather information. A weather radio is just one additional way to keep you and your family safe.

By having a weather radio you will receive NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts. This includes weather alerts, warnings, watches, forecasts and other hazardous information 24 hours a day. When an alert is issued that poses an immediate threat, a tone will sound on the radio, followed by additional information.

Think of a weather radio as an “weather fire alarm”. Upon warning issuance from NWS, it'll alert you immediately to threatening weather and will likely wake you up should severe weather occur in the middle of the night. There have been many notable severe weather events at night, including the Nashville tornado which occurred around 1am.

Weather radios are generally very affordable and should set you back no more than $50 or $60 maximum.

A video link on how to program a desktop weather radio from box to desk will be added to this article shortly.

Mapping information for:
Linn County and surrounding areas: https://www.weather.gov/nwr/sites?site=WXL61
Dubuque County and surrounding areas: https://www.weather.gov/nwr/sites?site=WXL64
Black Hawk County and surrounding areas: https://www.weather.gov/nwr/sites?site=WXL94
Other Iowa sites and smaller transmitters through an interactive map: https://www.weather.gov/nwr/iowa