What is normal for August weather in Eastern Iowa?

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - We have now started the month of August, so what can we expect weather wise? June ended way above average for rainfall, where July was well below average.

The Climate Prediction Center stated earlier this week that they anticipated Iowa to be about average in predication for the month of August. For Cedar Rapids, that means around 4.48” of rainfall. We do have a few chance over the next week to get some rainfall.

The Climate Prediction Center also said they anticipate temperatures to be below average for the Month of August across most of the Midwest. We saw that as we ended July and as we look ahead in the forecast the week. We see a lot of low 80s, that’s a few degrees below average. On average highs are in the mid-80s towards the beginning on the month and the low 80s by the end.