West High School hosts”Girl Up” fundraiser

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IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- People gathered in West High School this evening for music, food a raffle and a silent auction. The cause they're supporting girls in countries like Guatemala and Uganda.

They're raising money for "Girl Up." It's a United Nations organization helping girls in developing or oppressed countries get things those in the U-S might take for granted. That includes access to education, health care, and overall security.

"When we help empower girls here we help empower girls all over the world and it's such an important thing for girls to be taught that it's okay for them to be a leader, it's great for them to be a leader,” said West High Girl Up Club President Megan Schneider. “We need more girls to be leaders in this world.”

More than 50 companies participated in the fundraiser. They donated money, food and raffle items. To donate to Girl Up click here.