We’re drying out, which felt impossible after this spring

Source: Iowa Environmental Mesonet

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Aside from some scattered storms, this month hasn’t had many opportunities for much rain. There have been localized downpours, but nothing widespread. After last month coming in drier than normal, this month’s continuation of the overall dry weather means our rainfall deficits are beginning to add up in some places.

Cedar Rapids has had 0.67” of rain this month, which is 0.72” below normal. Since June 1, there has been 4.82”. That’s 1.49” behind.

Dubuque has been wetter. This month’s rainfall has been closer to normal at 1.09”. That’s only 0.15” below normal. Since June 1, there’s been 6.58” of rain. That’s 0.94” above normal.

In Iowa City, only 0.30” has fallen so far in July. That’s a deficit of 1.34”! The rainfall since June 1 is 3.68”, which is 2.57” below normal.

Like Dubuque, Waterloo is doing okay from a moisture standpoint. Rainfall this month has added up to 1.33”. That’s not too far off from normal – only 0.20” behind. 7.48” has fallen since June 1. That’s 0.97” above normal.