Wellness center for veterans opening in March in Cedar Rapids

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - A Navy Veteran from Cedar Rapids is opening up a gym at the Veterans Memorial Building for fellow veterans to exercise and bond with each other, but they need donations.

The gym will run off of donations. That’s why they're holding a masquerade ball there on Jan. 25. It's a joint fundraiser with Cedar Rapids Roller Girls.

The gym is still in its development stages. Organizers are setting up two rooms. The cardio room will have treadmills and bicycles, and there will also be a place to do yoga.

While the other room will be for weightlifting, money from the masquerade ball will help pay for gym upkeep. It will be free for all veterans to use. The goal is to give veterans a good place of camaraderie.

"If you've served, you have a great bond brotherhood amongst everybody that's there, and you kind of lose that when you get out,” said Randy Ridenour, the veteran who is running the gym. “So just give them a place where they can come and there will be other veterans. Just kind of a safe place I think."

"For me personally veterans have given us so much so you know it's just in my mindset, why not, you gotta give back to the people who give to you,” said Katie Kimmich of Cedar Rapids Rollergirls.

Cedar Rapids Roller Girls will use their share of the money to help cover their yearly cost for running the program.

Organizers hope to have the gym up and running sometime in March.

Click here for a link to the Facebook page for the gym for more infomation, and how to donate.