Waypoint Services getting operations back to normal weeks after water main break

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Two weeks after a water main break caused significant damage at Waypoint Services in Cedar Rapids, workers at the non-profit are getting operations back to normal.

A broken water main caused damage to Waypoint on February 6, 2020 (JACKIE KENNON/KCRG)

On February 6th, a water main break sent water and mud rushing into the Waypoint building at a force so strong it pushed back some walls, causing portions of the ceiling to fall down

Ashley Meyer has worked at Waypoint for the past ten years.

"I literally have been through every cycle that you can in the childcare field with Waypoint," Meyer said.

The day the water main broke was unlike anything she'd ever experienced, and recalls Waypoint CEO Jaye Kennedy asking her for help.

"I got the call from Jaye that we needed to send kids home, and we needed to send them home now,” Meyer said. “And I could tell from the panic in her voice that I had to get downtown."

Waypoint planned to renovate the childcare center portion of the building even before the water main issue happened. Part of that plan was to move KidsPoint Downtown Early Learning Center to a temporary location during construction.

"That morning of the water main break we actually signed the contract to be in this building, and then about an hour later, we had the water main break,” Meyer said.

Those plans suddenly moved up by a couple of months.

"Our construction company, Miron Construction, this happened on a Thursday, and they said we're going to work through the weekend, and we'll have this ready by Tuesday. And they did," Kennedy said.

Teufelhund Veterans Group and Combat Vets Motorcycle Association 39-2 helped too.

"We were very worried about how to get all of the items that we needed moved,” Kennedy said. “I think they did the move in about two and a half hours. It was amazing."

Keeping KidsPoint Downtown Early Learning Center open as much as possible.

"This space has just exceeded my expectations, and even our licensure's expectations," Meyer said.

Waypoint is raising $20,000 to help with the aftermath of the water main break. Insurance is covering the cost of the damage, but say they need some things right away too.