Waukon bank teller retires after 50 years

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WAUKON, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- After serving her community for 50 years as a bank teller, a woman in Waukon is retiring.

Anyone who walks into the Waukon State Bank is greeted by a familiar face and a familiar laugh.

The laugh belongs to Carol Krumme and she's been working at the Waukon State Bank for most of her life.

But after 50 years she'll be missed as she steps away from teller window one.

"50 years, she's been by that counter taking care of us you know, did a lot of little favors for us, she's been right there in front of that bank, she greets us, she's taken care of our checking accounts and our savings accounts," said Ken Kramber.

Kramber has been a member of the bank since he was eight-years-old and had a paper route.

He remembers when Carol began her banking career in 1968.

She started bookkeeping and sorting checks as part of an education program when she was a senior at Waukon High School.

"We would go to school in the mornings and then in the afternoon we would come down here and work," said Carol Krumme.

Then after graduation, they offered her a job.

Carol eventually rose in ranks, from bookkeeper to bank teller, to head bank teller.

She has not only witnessed the bank expand and new technology like ATMs emerge, but different generations of families throughout the years.

"A lot of the older generation that I first served have passed away and you're waiting on the younger generations, maybe the children, the grandchildren, and so you get to see and meet a lot of people's families," Krumme said.

It's those people that keep her coming in smiling every day.

"It's nice to be able to just be there for them," she said.

Carol said even though she's stepping away from her window, It's not goodbye.

"I know I'm going to miss the people contact, but I'm not leaving the community, I will be around town and I will come in and visit them here at the bank, here it is 2018 and I finally decided its time to retire and let the younger generation take over " Krumme said.

Waukon State Bank will be hosting her retirement ceremony Friday, January 12th from 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

After retirement, Carol Krumme wants to continue being active in her church and visit her brother living in Carson City, Nevada.

Anyone is welcome to stop by and say hello to Carol and thank her for all her years at the bank.