Watch: Bugatti sets world speed record of 304.8 mph

(CNN) - An automaker known for its high-performance cars says one of them can exceed 300 miles an hour.

A Bugatti Chiron set a world speed record by going 304.8 mph on a German test track. (Source: Bugatti/CNN)

Bugatti showed off the results it got from a specially modified Bugatti Chiron.

The company said the car went 304.8 mph during a high-speed run on a German test track, setting a record for a car not built for extremely high speeds.

This was not the standard Chiron you can from the Bugatti factory for $3 million.

This version has a modified car body and specially developed tires that Italian race car manufacturer Dallara helped develop.

The standard Bugatti Chiron isn't exactly slow - it can top out at around 261 miles an hour.

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