Washington High Students pledge to end gun violence

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG TV9)-- Cedar Rapids students say shooting scenes are happening all too often in their hometown.

This after shooting claimed the lives of innocent young people like Latasha Roundtree, Aaron Richardson and Senquez Jackson.

That's why students are taking a pledge to try to end gun violence. This is part of a nationwide effort to honor the Day of National Concern.

Washington High School students say they've had it with gun violence in this community.

A student who started this campaign was a friend of Senquez Jackson,the 15 year old who died after an accidental shooting this spring. The student says Jackson was not usually around guns.
He says that day was a mistake.

"They were too young to die most of them. They were going the good route of life, like get a good education and trying to make their families proud. But it was just a hang out with the wrong crowd or whatever and trying to act cool or whatever and it just happened," Cordel Lewis said.

Lewis doesn't want another one of his friends to die from gun violence, so he's taking the pledge.

Lewis says he hopes this pledge will start a conversation in his school about how to stop gun violence.

He also hopes more students will tell teachers when they hear about gun violence.

Lewis believes there's a gang problem in Cedar Rapids, that's how he believes high school students can get access to guns. Lewis says this leads to many injuries or death. Sometimes it's accidental, but other times Lewis says it's personal.

"There's people that are trying to hurt other people for no reason because the people they hang with, like their family members could be in gangs, and they're related to them so they want to hurt them, it's ignorance," he said.

Starting Thursday, Washington High School students can decide whether they want to take this pledge to stop gun violence.

Principal Carlos Grant tells me he's hopeful every student will sign it.