Warmer weather helping realtors, construction companies

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) -- People in the snow removal business might not be happy with the warmer weather this year, but home builders and real estate agents are enjoying it.

The mild temperatures mean the ground is warmer. So builders are able to start laying foundations for new houses. Normally they start building them in March. And the earlier construction means new homeowners could be moving in as soon as July or August of this year.

"Historically, right, we live in Iowa so we have big swings. We have really warm temperatures and it obviously gets very cold in January. But with it being kind of warmer, the frost isn't as deep, so it does make it easier to dig," Jessie Arp, Skogman Homes Realtor, said.

The warmer weather is not only allowing builders to put up new homes months earlier, realtors say it's also encouraging potential buyers to visit open houses for existing homes.