Wahlert Catholic High School has easier time adjusting to online learning

Published: Apr. 14, 2020 at 10:00 PM CDT
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Schools across the country are deciding how to best teach students online during COVID-19.

Wahlert Catholic in Dubuque has had an easier time than some adjusting to the new format.

The school uses an online personalized learning program called Summit Learning in half of its ninth and tenth grade classrooms.

The program lets students go at their own pace on their computer instead of learning the same thing at the same time as classmates.

Wahlert principal Ron Meyers says these students had an easier time adjusting to learning from home.

"This transition was going to be really, really easy for them because, in essence, they have been doing it for the last year or, in some cases, two years if they are sophomores," Meyers said. "So what we were asking them to do was instead of doing it here at school they were just going to do it from home or wherever they had an internet connection."

Wahlert tweaked this format for students in its traditional classrooms to ease their transition as well.