Fog, drizzle, and a temperature free-fall

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - The bit of a thaw we’re in will continue through Thursday morning, when temperatures will plummet behind a cold front.

First, more moisture will surge northward into Iowa Tuesday night. As it passes over the snowpack, areas of fog and drizzle will develop. Icing will not be a significant issue since temperatures should largely stay a little above freezing. However, some bridges and rural roads could be a little slick for a short time.

Winds pick up a bit Wednesday, causing the fog to diminish. However, we’ll still have pockets of drizzle around, keeping visibility a little low. Despite the murkiness to the day, highs are still going to gradually make it into the 40s. The combination of mild temperatures and fog/drizzle will cause a fair amount of the snowpack to melt away.

On Thursday, a weather system will glide through the Midwest. The majority of the snow will fall from the Dakotas through northwestern Iowa into Minnesota and Wisconsin. We’ll start off on the warm side of this system, so scattered rain showers are likely. A little wet snow is possible in the afternoon, but that should lead to little or no accumulation.

Two things will be much more impactful on Thursday: the falling temperatures and the strong northwest wind. The winds will gust over 30 mph at times. Temperatures on Thursday should begin near 40, but some signs point to a drop of 20 degrees in a matter of hours during the morning. Regardless, they should be in the teens by evening. Depending on how much moisture is left on the pavement, there is the potential for a flash-freeze, so we do have the potential for spotty icing.