Snowfall reports from January 31, 2019

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Very fluffy snow fell across much of eastern Iowa on Thursday. Typically, the ratio of snow to liquid is around 12 inches of snow to one inch of liquid, or 12:1. In this case, it was over 50:1, which is rare for Iowa.

Below are the snowfall reports received by the National Weather Service between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. Thursday, sorted by county. For locations that are marked with a number and direction, such as “4 NE,” that’s about how many miles away from the city center the report came from. For example, “4 NE Cedar Rapids” means that the report came from about four miles northeast of downtown Cedar Rapids. You may see numbers jump a bit over a short distance – that may be because of actual differences in snowfall amounts, but the snowfall may have been reported a few hours apart.

Belle Plaine: 2.5"

Jesup: 2.5"

Stanwood: 4.1"
Lowden: 5.7”

Hopkinton: 1.7"

Dubuque Regional Airport: 0.9”
2 SE Asbury: 1.0"

Charles City: 1.0"

Parnell: 1.4"

University Heights: 2.5"
2 SE Iowa City: 2.7"
Solon: 3.9"
1 ESE North Liberty: 4.0"
Elmira: 4.0"

Center Junction: 3.3"

3 SE Palo: 2.5"
2 SSW Hiawatha: 2.7"
Bertram: 2.8"
Springville: 2.9"
2 NW Marion: 3.0"
Marion: 3.0"
4 W Cedar Rapids: 3.0"
Hiawatha: 3.0"
1 NE Mount Vernon: 3.5"