Pattern suggests early March will have a stretch of below-normal temperatures

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - It’s important to look back at historical weather when attempting to make a long-range forecast. While March brings something for everybody, not every March is equal. Some can be quite cold, while others can blowtorch to the 80s.

For at least the start of March, it appears our cycle of two-week temperature swings will continue. Since late last year, we’ve been on this cycle. The numbers in the graphic are the average number of degrees we were above or below normal for that stretch of dates. The first half of January was quite cold, followed by warmth. February has exhibited similar behavior.

As long as this pattern holds, it makes sense that we’ll be going down a colder road sometime in the first half of March. Granted, below-normal temperatures in March can still feel pretty decent, since normal highs climb above 40 degrees.