Parts of the Mississippi and Cedar are high but falling

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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - The information for the rivers is the latest as of Monday evening. Flooding is affecting only the Mississippi and Cedar. While some other rivers may be high in spots, they are below the official flood stages and will be falling.

Mississippi River

At Lansing, the river is below flood stage and continues to fall.

At Lynxville, Wisconsin (across the river from Harpers Ferry), the river is also below flood stage and continues to fall.

At McGregor, the river fell below the flood stage of 16 feet Monday afternoon and is steadily falling. At 16 feet, the Washington Street Bridge to Saint Feriole Island begins to flood and is closed. Pumping operations are underway.

At Guttenberg, the river dropped below the flood stage of 15 feet on Sunday and is falling. At 15 feet, minor lowland flooding occurs, and at 15.5 feet, the water is over Marina Road.

At Dubuque, the river was about a half-foot above the flood stage of 17 feet and continues to fall. It's forecast to fall below flood stage early Tuesday night and keep falling, eventually getting below 15 feet Saturday morning. At 14 feet, water inundates the lower end of City Island. Water is at the edge of the Shore Acres subdivision and the Bent Prop Marina area in East Dubuque. At 15 feet, water affects yards in East Dubuque’s Shore Acres subdivision and at 17 feet, water affects homes in Shore Acres in East Dubuque. At 17.5 feet, water affects Basten Road in East Dubuque. At 18 feet, water overtops the East Dubuque Flats levee.

At Bellevue, the river is about 16 feet, a foot below flood stage, and is falling. At 14 feet, water affects the camping areas at Blanding Landing and Pleasant Creek Recreation Areas. At 16.5 feet, water affects a convenience store on the south end of Bellevue east of Ridgeview. Water is also at the base of foundations of the lowest businesses on Riverview near Jefferson St.

Cedar River

At Cedar Falls, the river is forecast to crest at the flood stage of 88 feet Monday night into early Tuesday, then fall. At 88.5 feet, water covers the bike path at George Wyth Park.

At Waterloo, the river will crest at about 10 feet Tuesday afternoon. That's three feet below flood stage. At 10 feet, storm sewers are closed behind the Cattle Congress.

No river forecast is available at Vinton because the Cedar will stay well below flood stage.

At Cedar Rapids, the highest it will rise is to to about eight feet on Thursday. That's four feet below flood stage.

At Conesville, the river is forecast to crest at 12 feet Friday evening and night. At 12 feet, water affects low lying access roads to recreational properties along the river. At 13 feet, water affects Edgewater Road and 245th Street near Conesville.