More snow will come… eventually

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - The overall lack of snow this season, along with the relatively mild temperatures that have been in place for the past several weeks, may have you wondering if we’re skipping over winter altogether. Since we’re only a week into January, there’s still a lot of winter to go.

The least amount of snow to fall after January 7 in Cedar Rapids was 3.0” in 1934; the most was 46.5” in 1951. Only four years had less than six inches of snow fall from here through the rest of the season. The vast majority of years tallied up at least a foot of additional snowfall.

In Dubuque, the lowest snowfall total after January 7 was 4.3” in 1942. That’s the only year to get less than six inches to finish off the season. Only 10 years since the 1893 have had less than a foot of additional snow. 2008 picked up the most snowfall with 55.6” after January 7.

For Iowa City, 2006 had the least snowfall after January 7 with 4.0”. 1905 and 1912 are a tie for the most at 41.0”. Six years had less than 6” of additional snow, but the past two seasons are among them! 2017 finished the season with 4.7”, and 2016 had 5.0”.

Waterloo’s lowest snowfall after January 7 was in 1922 when a mere 2.0” fell. The most was in 1993 with 41.5”. Just like other places in eastern Iowa, getting less than 6” of additional snow is rare, happening only six times.