Lack of mild weather recently is a rarity

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Overall, temperatures over the past several weeks have been unusually cool. Since November 1, Cedar Rapids has had only 14 days with a high of 40 or warmer. That’s the third-fewest on record and is the fewest since 1996. That year, there were only 10 days of at least 40 degrees from November 1 through December 10. 1992 had 12 such days, and this year’s 14 ties 1893 and 1910.

In Dubuque, there have been only 11 days of 40 or warmer. That’s the second-fewest on record, behind only 1996 with 10 days.

Iowa City is up to 13 days of getting to at least 40 degrees. That’s the second-fewest, behind 1996 with 10 days. However, the airport has only about 30 years’ worth of records. The water treatment plant, which is the long-term climate site, has reported 12 such days, which is behind only 1992 when it had 11 days. So, regardless of which location you pick, Iowa City is in second place.

Waterloo has had 13 days of 40 or warmer. That’s tied for 4th-fewest, along 2000, 1992, 1986, and 1978. The fewest on record is nine, set in 1996.