Coldest lows this season haven’t been very cold

Cropped Photo: Sienna62 / Flickr / CC BY 2.0
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Arctic air hasn’t had much luck staying in the Midwest so far this season. Compared to other years, the lack of really cold air is noteworthy.

Cedar Rapids’ coldest low since November 1 is 6 degrees. That is the third-highest low temperature on record for the season so far. In the winter of 1913-14, the coldest temperature through January 9 was 13 degrees. 1907-08 and 1954-55 tied at 10 degrees.

In Dubuque, the coldest low has been 9 degrees. That’s good for second-place, behind 1913-14. To-date in that season, the coldest low was 15 degrees.

Iowa City is tricky since the data there aren’t tied together as well as our other big four cities. At the airport, the coldest low this season is 7 degrees, which is the highest on record (out of 23 years). The observation site at the treatment plant goes back to the 1890s, and its low of 5 degrees is 5th-coldest. 1907-08 checks in at 9 degrees, as does 1974-75. Next is 8 degrees in 1913-14, followed by 7 degrees in 1997-98, then 6 degrees in 2001-02.

Waterloo’s coldest low is lower than elsewhere at 1 degree. However, it still ranks up there as the 5th-warmest low by this time. Winter of 1913-14 shows up again in first place with 11 degrees, followed by 6 degrees in 1907-08, 4 degrees in 2011-12, and 2 degrees in 1947-48.