Beyond the Weather: Venus, stars, and June’s supermoon

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - Showers and storms remain in the forecast, but as we have been saying, so do plenty of dry times. As long there’s clearing in our skies at night, we can see some great views beyond the weather.

Our western sky is always a great place to check out. Not only do we see some fantastic sunsets, but the planet Venus is hanging out here this time of the year. About an hour and a half after sunset, Venus will be just off the horizon. It will be bright and easy to spot. To the upper right of Venus, two stars are close by: Pollux and Castor.

We have heard the term “supermoon” more often during the past several years. June’s new moon on the 13th is a supermoon. Unfortunately, we can’t see it because of the phase of the moon. A super moon can be a new or full moon that is near its closest approach to earth. Other upcoming supermoons happen on July 13th and August 11th.

We are also nearest our earliest sunrises of the year as we approach the summer solstice.

Happy stargazing!