Beyond the Weather: Leonid meteor shower peaks this weekend

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CEDAR RAPID, Iowa (KCRG) - Saturday and Sunday feature the peak of the Leonid meteor shower. The best views will be after midnight, once the moon has set. Find the constellation Leo in the eastern sky. You will find 10 to 15 Leonids per hour radiating from the constellation under ideal conditions, away from city lights and after letting your eyes adjust to the darkness.

Mars and the Moon have been putting on a great show. They have been very close together in the southern sky during the evening hours. This dance continues into the start of the weekend.

Early next week, the moon will be near the planet Uranus. While this is not visible with the naked eye, you can see it with binoculars. We need to have the darkest sky possible with a good view of the eastern horizon. On Tuesday, find the moon in the evening in the constellation Pisces. The planet Uranus will be just above the moon.

Happy stargazing!