Beyond the Weather: Cold weather stars

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - As you have heard, cold is on the way. Dealing with strong wind and dangerous wind chills will be no fun. However, this is the time of the year we can also see the clearest nighttime sky. This can lead to some great views beyond the weather. Just make sure you dress appropriately for the weather.

In the mornings, take a look at the southern sky. Locate the moon and you notice a bright star near it. This is the star Spica, the 15th brightest start in the nighttime sky. It is part of the constellation Virgo.

This weather pattern may not be all unicorns and rainbows for many, but you can see a unicorn. Monoceros the Unicorn is a constellation in the east-southeast. It can be seen to the left of the constellation Orion.
Happy stargazing!