Volunteers sew weighted blankets for special needs children

Published: Sep. 10, 2016 at 8:22 PM CDT
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Carrie Robertson knitted a blanket for her ten year old son who has trouble sleeping. She says stress is causing his insomnia.

She says, “He says it's the dark, [and] everybody is very close by. Sometimes I think he just gets overwhelmed thinking about things that go on during the day. “

She's one of many volunteers making blankets during the Sharing the Weight event. They made twelve weighted blankets that can weigh up to ten pounds. They will be donated to kids at the Witwer Children's Therapy Center. Robertson hopes to teach her new sewing tactics to her 4-H club.

She says, “We really emphasize helping others, and sewing skills are good to have. It's a nice thing to be able to pass on.”

Therapists say these are more than just warm blankets. Cassandra Laas from Witer Children’s Therapy Center says, "With that added weight and the added pressure, it sends signals into the brain saying you're calm. It's ok, you are safe."

Robertson hopes her son sleeps well with his new cuddle buddy. She says, “I'm hoping it's going to feel like an all-night hug.”

Weighted blankets normally cost 400 dollars. You can get one for free by volunteering with “Sharing the Weight” For information visit