Volunteers donate time, new landscaping to Ronald McDonald House of Iowa City

Volunteers helped the Ronald McDonald House of Iowa City with new landscaping on September 26, 2019. It was part of the Iowa Nursery and Landscape Association's Day of Service. (Aaron Scheinblum/KCRG)

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG) - Volunteers spent the day doing some landscaping work at the Ronald McDonald House in Iowa City. It was part of a service project to encourage kids to enjoy the outdoors.

Volunteers and students with the Iowa Nursery and Landscape Association planted flowers and other plants, added mulch, and created space for a new swing set and butterfly garden.

It was part of their annual Day of Service project. Students from Kirkwood Community College and Des Moines Area Community College added to the dozens of volunteers worked around the building to help beautify the front and back.

One project leader said they hope this encourages kids and families to spend more time outside.

"Our industry is built upon being outdoors, enjoying plants, enjoying the native environment, and so this is just an extension of that," said John Hughes with the Iowa Nursery and Landscape Association. "That the kids can come outside, play with the playset, play with their toys, but be in a natural, native environment surrounded by plants and wildlife. And just no better place to be than outside, from our industry perspective."

Staff with the Ronald McDonald House said they were happy to see the project come together, and they are excited for visitors to take advantage of the new space.