Video shows boy screaming that he needs to use bathroom

Traci Tyler (Courtesy: Iowa Department of Corrections)
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ELDORA, Iowa (AP) - Video taken on the cellphone of a woman accused of abusing her boyfriend's young son shows the boy screaming in agony that he needed to use the bathroom.

The Courier reports that prosecutors showed the cellphone video of the 8-year-old boy Friday during the kidnapping trial of 40-year-old Traci Tyler. In the footage, the child is seen dressed in pajamas in a dining room as he screams and holds his groin before wetting himself minutes later.

Tyler and her boyfriend, 30-year-old Alex Shadlow, are each charged with kidnapping. They are being tried separately.

The couple is accused of locking the boy in the basement for at least nine hours a day during the summer of 2017. Investigators say the boy was forced to sleep on the concrete and use a tin cup as a toilet. The couple argued that's because they had trouble with him urinating in the house.

Testimony in Tyler's trial is set to resume Tuesday.