Video shows baseball game in Solon playing through outdoor warning sirens Wednesday night

Published: May. 19, 2017 at 4:57 PM CDT
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Outdoor warning sirens went off when storms hit Eastern Iowa Wednesday night. Those sirens warn people of severe weather. A baseball game in Solon was being played when the sirens went off Wednesday.

A video posted on Facebook appears to show the game continuing to be played while the sirens were sounding.

It’s up to each league and even each umpire to determine when to call off a game. Some people believe the situation could have been handled better.

Cindy Rundle watched the video of a baseball game going with outdoor warning sirens sounding in the background. She and her husband help run the North Liberty Youth Baseball and Softball organization.

She says they handled Wednesday's storms with more urgency. “First pitch of one [of the] games and the sirens went off, [and] that was it. I mean literally ten minutes and I think the entire ball filed was cleared."

She believes the teams in the video were travel teams. That’s because she did recognize the team colors, and the umpire was not wearing the uniforms that are used in their league.

She wanted to give the league the benefit of the doubt, but says she couldn't after watching the video several times. Rundle adds, "Human nature is sometimes you don't react as quickly as you should to an emergency type situation, but they reacted enough to step out of a play, then step back into a play."

Johnson County Emergency Management recommends stopping activities and taking shelter immediately when storm sirens go off.

Rundle says she wanted to see a better team effort to protect players in the video from Wednesday night's storms.

She says, "It wasn't just the umpires and the players, the fans weren't stopping. I would bet you money [the person filming] wasn't taking it to show the sirens initially. I bet you they were taking it because they were watching the game."

We tried tracking down the league involved in this game but Solon's Parks and Rec department couldn't identify it. Solon's Park's Department says they clear the fields for use, but after that it's up to each league on whether or not to suspend play.