Veterans protect American flag from burning at ped mall

Published: Jan. 28, 2017 at 8:55 PM CST
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A group of veterans patrolled the streets in Iowa City today in an effort to stop people burning the American flag.

In a viral video posted Thursday, a group lit a couple U.S. flags on fire in the Ped Mall in protest of the Dakota Access pipeline. Two were charged with open burning.

The group of six veterans told me they were outraged when they saw the video being shared on Facebook. They heard it happened again on the ped mall a second time and decided to act.

The group waved flags and made a sign that said "honk if you'e against flag burning." People walking by thanked the veterans for their service, and cars honked in support.

They said there was one altercation where one person didn't agree with what they were doing and argued with them.

Curtiss Aineswoth, the man who organized it, said burning an American flag should be illegal.

"I think anybody who burns a flag should lose all government assistance, lose their citizenship, lose the right to be an American if you can't support the country then you don't need to be here," Ainesworth said.

The veterans say they will continue guarding the American flag as long as they need to.