UPDATE: Field of Dreams repair on hold, for now

Following warm temps and recent rain, what police think was a larger vehicle-- maybe a truck--...
Following warm temps and recent rain, what police think was a larger vehicle-- maybe a truck-- tore deep tracks into the pitcher's mound, the infield, and the outfield of the Field of Dreams near Dyersville on Monday, January 22, 2018. (Photo date: Wednesday, January 24, 2018/KCRG-TV9)(KCRG)
Published: Jan. 23, 2018 at 6:11 PM CST
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Officials at the field of dreams movie site in Dyersville will have to wait a bit longer to fix the tracks left by a vandal.

Monday evening, someone drove a large vehicle, perhaps a truck, through the rain-soaked field-- tearing up the infield and outfield.

Police have a person of interest in the case. Officials at the baseball field said they've been told to hold off on repairs until the investigation is complete.

Unfortunately, time is of the essence.

"The sooner you can get out there and start raking it in, tapping it down, rolling it," said Al Steffen, the field manager, "the better it's going to be because everything is at the dormant stage right now."

Police expect to release more information on their investigation early next week.

Some good news-- in a matter of days, the site has exceeded it's $15,000 goal by more than $2,000, at last check. Funds will be used for repairs and security upgrades.



Dyersville Police are speaking with a "person of interest" after someone drove a vehicle through the iconic "Field of Dreams" movie set in eastern Iowa, earlier this week.

"Investigators have been speaking with a person of interest and other witnesses," said Dyersville Police Chief Brent Schroeder in a news release. "We expect to have further information on the case early next week."

Schroeder said neither the Dyersville Police Department nor the Field of Dreams will have further comments until then.

"We respectfully ask that you give us time to complete a thorough investigation to bring this matter to a quick resolution," said Schroeder.

Sometime Monday night, police believe a driver left deep tire tracks on the pitcher's mound, infield, and outfield. Groundskeeper Al Steffen thinks the water main for the facility's sprinkler system may have been smashed too. He'll have to wait for the ground to thaw before investigating.

Damage could be in the thousands of dollars. Steffen said the field's owners will likely have to pay out of pocket for repairs, seeing as insurance only covers the buildings on the property.



The Field of Dreams is the middle of a nightmare. That's after someone drove through the iconic Iowa baseball field sometime Monday evening.

The “Field of Dreams” is a former set for a movie of the same name, just outside of Dyersville. It is located in the 28000 block of Lansing Road.

Al Steffen, the groundskeeper out there, is one of the nicest all around guys you'll ever meet. But, seeing a vandal's tire tracks through his Field of Dreams-- drove this affable man to profanity.

"I just said, ‘s***. I got a lot of work to do,’" said Steffen

He truly does. Following warm temps and recent rain, what police think was a larger vehicle-- maybe a truck-- tore deep tracks into the pitcher's mound, the infield, and the outfield.

"They couldn't have went on the field at a worse time," said Steffen.

The sprinkler system's water main might have been smashed too, which can't be checked until temps warm up.

Al can barely begin to estimate damage amounts, but bets repairs won't come cheap. Work he'll likely have to do himself without the help of insurance.

"First thing I did was call the insurance agent,” said Steffen. “No-- there's no coverage. It's just on the buildings.”

Police have been left with little more than tread marks to go on. There are no security cameras at the site, and no one was working at the time.

"Incidents like this are always hard to investigate,” said Dyersville Police Chief Brent Schroeder. “It's most likely a random act. Somebody most likely had a lack of judgment at that moment and thought they were doing something funny, or for whatever reason."

Even after repair work is done, the vandal will likely have left a permanent mark. The field's owners are thinking about installing security measures and locking the bridge-gate to keep people out after business hours.

"People come for so many miles, they get here and they can't get in,” said Steffen. “We don't want to do that."

Steffen said repairs will start as soon as it's warm enough.


has been set up to help pay for repairs and security improvements to the field. It has a $15,000 goal. At last check-- the page had raised more than $3,000 in the bank.



Before getting ready to play ball, repairs must first be done at the Field of Dreams.

Vandals hit the movie site with a vehicle, digging deep, muddy tracks through the middle of the ball diamond. On their Facebook page, the Field of Dreams Movie Site posted pictures on Tuesday of the deep tracks.

"We cannot fathom why a soul on this planet would desecrate this holy ground," is a statement on the social media site. "We pray for whomever did this to our special place that they find peace in their hearts."

The Field of Dreams is a baseball field just outside of Dyersville. It was the site of the 1989 movie of the same name, starring actors including Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones, and Ray Liotta.

The movie site's Facebook page plans to fix the damage by Opening Day. That's set for April 1.


has been set up to help pay for repairs to the field.