United Fire Group remembers the Flood of 2008

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Many businesses in downtown Cedar Rapids really learned how to come together and help each other out during the Flood of 2008.

United Fire Group says they'll never forget the devastation the Flood of 2008 caused.

The insurance company remembers the smell of the raw sewage that filled the streets and basements flooded with water.

It took them 16 weeks to finally get back into their building after pumping out water for days.

Barrie Ernst, the United Fire Group Vice President and Chief Investment Officer says although the flood was hard on everyone, a lot of positive growth for downtown Cedar Rapids came out of it.

"Cedar Rapids really has come out well from a really bad situation and all the construction that has gone on down here, we've got the courthouse down here, which is a beautiful courthouse, you know we're starting to do a lot of beautification of the downtown area," says Ernst.

United Fire Group helped Downtown Tailoring become one of the first businesses to get back on their feet after the Flood of 2008.

Ernst tells us he really saw the city come together and help one another out during the flood.