UPDATE: Man caught selling fake Willie Nelson tickets wanted for murder in Illinois

Published: Apr. 13, 2018 at 3:52 PM CDT
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A man Dubuque police caught selling fake tickets to the Five Flags Center's Willie Nelson concert is wanted for murder in Illinois.

Prosecutors charged Natrell Jackson, 20 of Chicago, Illinois, with two counts of forgery, two counts of theft 4th degree and two counts of interference with official acts causing bodily injury.

Jackson also has a warrant in Cook County, Illinois for homicide, according to a fugitive complaint filed by Dubuque County Attorney Ralph Potter.

Court documents state Richard Leahy of Belmont, Wisconsin called the Dubuque Police Department on Thursday to report he had bought fake tickets to the Willie Nelson concert.

Leahy told investigators he found the tickets on Craigslist and was told to meet the seller, Jackson, at the KFC in downtown Dubuque.

Leahy told investigators he bought four floor seat tickets for $500 from Jackson.

Investigators say when Leahy got home he called the Five Flags Center to ask about the tickets he had just purchased, and he was told they were fake.

According to court documents, the Dubuque Police Department made contact with Jackson and posed as people wanting to buy tickets.

Investigators were told by the seller to meet at the KFC in downtown Dubuque, according to court documents.

Lieutenant Joe Messerich with the Dubuque Police Department said two investigators met Jackson at the KFC in downtown Dubuque and arrested him as Jackson reached for their money.

Messerich said Jackson tried to flee, which caused minor injuries to the investigators.

Messerich warns people to purchase tickets cautiously.

"Be careful of online market places or secondary marketplaces. There’s a lot of counterfeit money that changes hands and like in this case fraudulent tickets can be sold," he said. "So just protect yourself and make sure you do your homework on who you’re purchasing your tickets from.”

He isn't surprised that arresting Jackson led to the discovering of other charges against him.

He said, "you’d be surprised how many things start off small and turn out big in this profession. A traffic stop that leads to a major drug bust, you know things along those lines, so it’s just kind of a good reminder that small cases can turn into bigger ones so even the small ones are worth our attention."

Five Flags Center Marketing Coordinator Kelly Spreitzer said anyone who purchased a ticket for Friday's Willie Nelson concert can confirm the validity of their ticket with Five Flags.

"You’re more than welcome to take a picture of your ticket and Facebook message Five Flag Center’s Facebook page, we will validate it for you that way. You’re also more than welcome to bring it down to the Five Flags Center box office if you’re in town," she said.

She says it might be difficult to determine if a ticket is fake or real on your own.

"You really wouldn’t know the difference, it says maybe something a little different than what our ticket would say, but we would have to validate it for you," she said.

The show is sold out, so if you show up with a fake ticket you'll be out of luck.

Spreitzer said, "unfortunately there’s nothing we really can do because it’s not an actual seat so it’s a very unfortunate event but that's the case.”