Two days before Valentine's Day snow causes problems for florists

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) -- Valentine's Day is just two days away which means it is crunch time for florists hoping to sell lots of flowers in the coming days. However, one business owner tells TV9 the recent snow has caused him problems.

There may be snow on the ground outside Pierson's Flower Shop in Cedar Rapids but love is also in the air.

"The snow puts a big damper on things today," said owner, Al Pierson.

Pierson blamed the winter weather for a lack of foot traffic coming through his doors on Tuesday. Pierson estimates the number of people coming in to buy flowers was down around 20%.

That is just the beginning of where Pierson says his problems with mother nature begin. Just two days away is one of their busiest of the year, Valentine's Day, and the snow Al says is doing them no favors.

"Early this morning you couldn't even get down our street," said Pierson.

If you think lots of snow makes Pierson nervous think again as he has been in this line of work for around 40 years.

"You've got to be prepared to have extra people," said Pierson.

The average consumer celebrating Valentines Day is expected to spend in excess of $160 this year in honor of the occasion and that is the case no matter how much snow is outside.

It was all hands on deck when we stopped by at Pierson's.

Floral designer Maitland Sieren was doing her part by picking pedals off flowers.

"I actually prefer to be busy just because there is always something going on," said Sieren.

It will not stop there as Al thinks longer hours may also be in store.

"Start earlier work later," said Sieren.

In the end, Al thinks their hard work will pay off in more ways than one as he has no doubt what they are doing on this day will help ensure things run smoothly on the 14th of February.