Two children hit by car in Waterloo

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WATERLOO, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Authorities responded to a report of a motor vehicle accident involving two kids on the 500 block of Dawson Street at 4:13 p.m. June 13.

Witnesses told authorities a man was walking with two children when the children ran out ahead of him into the street.

35-year-old Laquita Fleming-Goldsmith was driving eastbound on Dawson Street and said the children came out of nowhere, causing her to hit them. Fleming-Goldsmith said she tried to stop as soon as she could.

Fleming-Goldsmith told authorities she got out of her car immediately to see how the children were. She said she left after the parents took the children inside the house.

Fleming-Goldsmith was cited for not having a valid driver's license or proof of insurance in her car.

The children's caretaker said the two two-year-olds were playing in the backyard when they got a gate open and ran to the road.

The two male children involved in the accident are in stable condition and they had non-life threatening injuries.