University of Iowa students create app to help with public speaking

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) -- Not everyone is comfortable speaking in front of a crowd.

A University of Iowa student, and a UI alum created an app called 'Speeko' to help people get better at it.

It was created by Nico Aguilar and Anthony Pham. They both have had issues with public speaking in the past.

They describe the app as a 'Fitbit for your voice.' It records a person speaking, then gives feedback on things like their pacing, if they are using too many filler words, and their tone.

The app took several years for them to make. The creators launched the app in October, hoping to help people going through what they did.

"We believe that communication is not just a talent, it's a skill,” said Aguilar. “It's something that you can improve, and that improving this can change your life. It's changed my life, and it's something we want to share with the world."

"Nico and I created this app because we both realized that we struggled with public speaking throughout our lives,” said Pham. “We saw this opportunity that we could use technology to help people with it."

The app is only available for iPhones. They hope to bring it to Android devices soon. It's free to download and use, however, there is a charge for the in-depth critiques.

Click here o learn more about the 'Speeko' App.