Turnout could set off year record in Iowa

Voters make their choices at a polling place on the west side of Cedar Rapids. The Linn County Auditor's Office reported a combined absentee and in-person turnout of nearly 50 percent of eligible voters at midday.
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG)- A bigger absentee turnout coupled with a heavier turnout at the polls could mean a non-Presidential year voting record in Iowa.

At the halfway point of voting on Election Day, Iowa appeared on track to surpass the 1.13-million voters who cast ballots in 2014. And those turnout numbers got a big boost from early voting.

The Iowa Secretary of State’s Office reported 529,000 Iowans voted absentee early.

In Linn County, a total of 37,321 people had gone to the polls as of the 3:00 p.m. turnout check. Combine that with the 36,039 who cast absentee ballots and the total turnout with hours of voting to go was close to 50 percent.

Other larger counties in Iowa, such as Dubuque and Black Hawk, also saw higher numbers compared to the last non-Presidential general election in 2014.

Johnson County, though, could be setting the pace.

A combined 53,000 out of 94,000 registered voters had either gone to the polls or cast an absentee ballot as of midday.

That’s a combined turnout of more than 60 percent with hours of voting still to go.

A few people did report glitches at polling places, such as jammed voting machines.

But election officials say those problems were resolved quickly.