Transported Puppies Help Dubuque Humane Society's Budget

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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - The Dubuque Humane Society is coming to the rescue for dozens of dogs in need.

It's all part of the PetSmart Charities Rescue Waggin' which transfers dogs from four overcrowded shelters in the south.

On Wednesday night, 20 dogs arrived from Alabama, Mississippi and Indiana. By the end of the month, more than 50 dogs will be transferred to the Dubuque Humane Society.

It seems everyone loves a cuddly, little puppy.

"I just like them 'cause they're cute," Emily Mentzer said.

"When we have puppies, we have a line outside the door and people want to adopt them and they are gone within days," Dubuque Humane Society Executive Director Maria Benham said.

That desire drives the Humane Society to take part in the Rescue Waggin' program.

The transported dogs actually help bring in money.

"The Rescue Waggin' dogs help us take care of the financials needed for all of the animals we care for," Benham said.

The Humane Society charges an adoption fee of about $200 for the brand new puppies. The adoption fee for some older dogs can be as low as $75.

"We have plenty of room. We have plenty of staff and the ability to take care of these dogs. And we have a wonderfully generous community to adopt them," Benham said.

She says the little dogs come from shelters that are extremely over-crowded. If they weren't transported out of those shelters, she says it's likely they'd be killed. That's not something anyone at the Dubuque Humane Society could live with.

There's a mix of dogs that arrived to the shelter Wednesday night including some two pound mini dachshund dogs. The humane society will spay or neuter the dogs and give them vaccines. They should be available for adoption by early next week.