Tipton Seniors receive scholarship opportunity

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TIPTON, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- The graduating class at Tipton High School received a very special gift four years ago. And now, students can finally start cashing in on that surprise.

The students were first told about the scholarship four years ago, as eighth graders. But they couldn't use the scholarship money until after graduation. The money can only be used on tuition for any sort of post-secondary schooling.

More than 70 graduating seniors are taking advantage of this opportunity.

Some will go to community college, like Kirkwood. Others are going to four year school like University of Iowa. And others are going to trade schools.

Some students say today is when they started to realize how powerful that scholarship is.

"Like when we were in eighth grade we were like yeah this is money but now its like really help us go to college," Allie Ryan said.

This Tipton graduating class received about $850 thousand from this scholarship opportunity. And that was made possible through Kevin and Sandy Gleaves.

The couple used to volunteers with the students a few years ago.They saved money and collected donations from others to build this fund.