This week is starting with a long-overdue dry streak

Rain pools on one northern Marion farm on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019. (AARON HOSMAN/KCRG)

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - A one-word summary of the weather of the past several weeks would probably be “wet.” This week, we’re finally getting a breather. In fact, we’ll be going four straight days without rain. That shouldn’t be an amazing feat, but it’s one that hasn’t happened much lately.

The last time Cedar Rapids had no measurable rain for four straight days was September 3rd through 6th – more than a month ago! However, there was a “trace” of rain one of those days, which means that there was a shower but not enough to add up to 0.01”. To find at least four consecutive completely dry days, you have to go back to August 6th through 10th, fully two months ago!

In Dubuque, the last dry streak was August 27th through September 2nd (a trace of rain occurred on the 31st). For Iowa City, it last happened September 2nd through 6th. In Waterloo, there was just a trace of rain September 1st through 6th, with a completely dry streak happening August 21st through 30th.