The ol’ January temperature switcheroo

Interstate 380 at Highway 30 in Cedar Rapids on Friday, January 17, 2020. (IOWA DOT)

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - The first half of this month was relatively mild. From January 1st through 15th, the average temperature in Cedar Rapids was 27.8 degrees. That was good enough for a tie for the 16th-warmest first half of January. (By the way, that was right behind last year’s 27.9 degrees – but there are no signs of the bottom dropping out anytime soon!) The warmest high was 58 degrees, which was fifth-warmest on record for that period.

Then we finally got smacked with some cold air. The high on the 16th was 8 degrees and on Sunday it was 7. That was the coldest high since March 4th, 2019, when the high was also 7 degrees.

Here’s how the rest of the area did.

Average temperature January 1-15: 27.3 (16th-warmest)
Cold since then: 12 on the 19th and 16th (coldest since March 4, 2019)

Iowa City
Average temperature January 1-15: 31.7 (warmest, but only 30 years of records)
Cold since then: 10 on the 19th (coldest since February 8, 2019)

Average temperature January 1-15: 26.6 (10th-warmest)
Cold since then: 8 on the 19th and 6 on the 16th (coldest since January 31, 2019)